Bioplasmonics Group

Teaching & Outreach


EECS 526 Plasmonics (Graduate level course)

This graduate level course is designed to 1) provide students with the fundamental principles of plasmonics, and 2) introduce students to nanofabrication and characterization techniques utilized in plasmonic applications useful to a wide range of areas, including electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, material science, chemistry and physics.

EECS 230 Electromagnetics I (Undergraduate level course)

This course introduces undergraduate students to vector calculus, electrostatics, magnetostatics, time-varying fields, Faraday's Law and displacement current, Maxwell's equations in differential form, traveling waves and phasors, uniform plane waves, reflection and transmission at normal incidence, and transmission lines. The laboratory segment includes experiments with transmission lines, the use of computer-simulation exercises, and classroom demonstrations.


FEMMES (Females Excelling More in Math and Science) Capstone

Visit our hands-on nanotechnology workshop at the upcoming bi-annual FEMMES Science Capstone, serving elementary and middle school students from the greater Southeast Michigan community. Activities in the nanotechnology capstone workshop have a specific emphasis on conveying the importance and application of the nanometer size scale.

For more information, visit FEMMES